Thermal Upgrade for Cooling Tower in PhilippinesPoor cooling tower performance due to thermal inefficiency is the leading cause of lost production in many power plants, process plants, and other heavy industrial plants. Some cooling towers were under-designed from the beginning and others have become old and inefficient from age or damage, requiring thermal upgrades.

ICS’s cooling tower thermal upgrade specialists will work with you to determine the actual cause of the under performance to find the solutions which work for your project, budget and schedule.

Thermal Upgrades Maximize Your Plant’s Efficiency

Thermal upgrades can lower your cold water temperatures and improve the efficiency of your tower, thus allowing you to maximize your plant capacity. If you feel your plant can benefit from a thermal upgrade, contact ICS for a thorough review and analysis of your cooling tower efficiency. ICS will let you know what cold water improvements can be achieved and help you find the most cost effective solution for your plant.

Contact ICS today to see how a thermal upgrade can improve your cooling tower efficiency.

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