Why deal with a cooling tower parts reseller? ICS offers fast service, low prices and full factory warranty.

The quality of your cooling tower parts dictates the performance of your cooling tower. Buy from cooling tower experts who truly understand the total system. From fill to fans, ICS is your go-to company for any brand or type of cooling tower parts.

ICS is a factory-authorized OEM supplier of cooling tower components.

If you need cooling tower parts fast and at the right price, contact us today for a free estimate.


  • Fanstacks


    ICS Fiberglass Fanstacks for counterflow or crossflow are custom designed to ICS specifications, and all diameters and heights are available to fit all towers.
  • Fans


    Hudson, Howden and other manufacturers, factory direct. Fiberglass and aluminum blades for low power, low noise for cooling towers, heat exchangers and air cooled condensers.
  • Gearboxes


    Amarillo, Sumitomo, Hansen and most major brands, all sizes and ratios. Special order gears and parts are welcome. Special prices on Marley retrofit gearboxes available.
  • Fill Media

    Fill Media

    Brentwood, CE Shepherd Tower Components and others. Film and splash fill for counterflow and crossflow towers shipping from the USA, Asia and Europe.
  • Nozzles


    CE Shepherd, Brentwood and others with non-clog retrofit nozzles for all major brands of counterflow and crossflow towers.
  • Motors


    Toshiba, ABB, TECO/Westinghouse and all major brands for cooling tower applications. Shipping from global factories for quick deliveries.
  • Vibration Switch

    Vibration Switch

    Bentley Nevada, Metrix, Murphy and more. All vibration switch makes and models available for your selection.
  • Cooling Tower Hardware

    Cooling Tower Hardware

    Stainless Steel, Galvanized, and FRP hardware materials for all applications of cooling towers.
  • Drive Shafts & Assemblies

    Drive Shafts & Assemblies

    ICS supplies the finest couplings in the business from Addax and Amarillo for all cooling tower applications. Complete cooling tower drive shafts and assemblies to…
  • Drift Eliminators

    Drift Eliminators

    Time to replace your old DE material? Fouling problems or simply poor quality DE that needs replaced? ICS can help you select the right DE…
  • FRP Members

    FRP Members

    ICS is an OEM supplier of Bedford, Strongwell and others and provides the best pricing and delivery on FRP structural shapes.