BacMan 1 & 2

ICS performed complete “splash fill” to “film fill” conversions and total tower rehabilitation (structure, mechanical, decking) under a tight time schedule and with a perfect safety record for two counterflow, wood, six-cell towers.

Project: BacMan 3

Industry: Geothermal

Location: Philippines

Tower Type
: 6-Cell, Counterflow, Wood

Client: EDC

Year: 2011

Cooling Tower Rehabilitation with Splash to Film Fill Conversion:
ICS was hired to help EDC Philippines with a major upgrade of an old geothermal power station. Two 6-cell Hamon wooden structure splash fill cooling towers were in bad shape and in need of serious repair. EDC also wanted to maximize backpressure on the turbine. ICS offered and guaranteed substantial cooling tower performance upgrades which would help. ICS was selected to do an extensive rehabilitation and thermal upgrade of the towers on a very tight budget. ICS replaced more than 70% of the structure & mechanical equipment but reused what was possible to save cost. Splash fill was removed and a low-fouling film fill was installed. The reduced pumphead from the splash to film conversion saves EDC power consumption everyday. The added performance allowed EDC to greatly improve plant performance. ICS completed our works on schedule and was the first contractor to complete works in this very remote and difficult site.

Ask ICS how we can support your cooling tower rehabilitation projects splash to film fill conversions, structural upgrades, mechanical upgrades and overall thermal upgrades to your project.

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