Cooling Towers in Singapore

Cooling towers are unique industrial tools that extract heat from a water stream by bringing it into contact with air. Simply put, the difference in temperature causes a natural cooling reaction.

Small volumes of water dissipate throughout this process and must be recycled for optimal efficiency. Cooling towers ensure that industrial processes function at the highest possible capacity, so cooling tower servicing is obviously an important facet of industrial maintenance.

At Industrial Cooling Solutions, we know that the right cooling tower can give you a distinctive edge and make your business more environmentally friendly, but only when you work with a manufacturer who truly understands the nuances of this space.

Things to Consider When Finding A Cooling Tower Manufacturer

When seeking out a partner in the industrial cooling space, it’s important to assess their strengths in a few crucial categories.

  • Design — A manufacturer’s designs should be optimized for efficiency so that processes are as streamlined as possible and towers are truly effective at achieving their intended cooling function. If you are constructing a new cooling tower, make sure that it is actually more efficient than the older system.
  • Supply — The last thing you want is to select a manufacturer only to find that they do not have proper towers or replacement parts in stock and that you will be stuck waiting for months. Check that a manufacturer has a strong supply chain before committing to a partnership.
  • Installation — A manufacturer may be able to produce a strong design, but if they cannot implement the solution then it will be wasted. Practical industry knowledge is critical for an effective cooling solution, so a manufacturer should have a team with experts from varying backgrounds.
  • Servicing — Even the best cooling towers need regular maintenance; choose a cooling tower manufacturer who understands the service needs of their products and can meet them with ease. A manufacturer who sells parts in addition to full solutions is ideal.

Who Is ICS?

ICS is made up of experts from a range of relevant cooling tower industries. We are dedicated to serving customers at every juncture of their process, from new cooling tower construction and regular maintenance to unforeseen repairs and even OEM part distribution.

What Does the Process Look Like for Building Cooling Towers in Singapore?

When you approach ICS with the need for a new cooling tower in Singapore, you’ll find that the process—from proposal to construction—is actually rather simple. It will unfold in this general order:

  • Our team will create a proposal based on the needs you express to us
  • We will submit the proposal to you for review, making any adjustments you would like
  • Once you have approved the proposal, we will develop the engineering design
  • From there, we will begin to ship material to the construction site
  • When all the material has arrived, we can start work on building the cooling tower

Once the cooling tower is built, ICS will continue to aid you as a resource for service and assistance within the industrial cooling space.

At ICS, our specialists are not just dedicated to developing high performing water-cooling technology, but also to creating environmentally friendly solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you implement a highly efficient, eco-conscious cooling tower in Singapore, contact us today!