Cawayan BacMan 3

Project: Cawayan Crossflow to Counterflow Conversion Project

Industry: Geothermal Power

Location: Philippines

Tower: 2-Cell, Fiberglass FRP Splash Fill to Film Fill Conversion

Year: 2011

FRP Geothermal Cooling Tower Counterflow to Crossflow Conversion:
ICS was contracted by EDC to build a new FRP film fill counterflow cooling tower in the existing basin where a GEA wood crossflow had burned down. ICS was able to complete the project quickly and provide EDC with a fire retardant cooling tower which would not burn down like the wooden cooling tower. ICS’s FRP cooling tower also did not require a wetdown system or a fire protection system as 100% of the FRP and plastic materials supplied were rated at a 25 or less flame spread rating. Working in the jungle rain and heat, ICS was able to complete the tower in the existing basin on schedule and was commended by the owner for being the first to complete works on the site.

Geothermal cooling towers are specialized applications. ICS has global experience and expertise in geothermal cooling tower applications. Working with FRP, wood, concrete and concrete/FRP structures, ICS can custom design to your project specification. Low-fouling Film or splash fill, ICS works with you to determine the best fill selection for your project. ICS also consults with our cooling water treatment alliance partners to make certain the choice is right for the project.

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