Cooling Tower Repair, Upgrades, And Maintenance Services

cooling tower maintenance

For any type or manufacturer of the tower, ICS’s cooling tower upgrade and maintenance experts can create customized repair, upgrade or rebuild solutions to bring your tower back to its optimal condition and operational performance using ICS’s innovative designs and the best quality parts and materials available.

ICS is your go-to company when you need your job done right, on time, and within budget. From basic maintenance to total overhaul and reconstruction of your cooling tower, ICS’s dedicated and experienced staff will meet your most demanding needs.

Increase Tower Efficiency / Boost Profitability / Ensure Safety & Longevity

Cooling Tower Repair Services

Cooling Tower Repair, Upgrade, & Maintenance
  • Crossflow: If your cooling tower uses a crossflow design, meaning the water flows horizontally through the fill material while air flows vertically up through the tower, we can repair it.
  • Counterflow: We can also repair counterflow cooling towers for issues like degraded or missing structural members, fouled fill or other issues. In this type of tower, the water flows vertically through the fill material while air flows horizontally across it.
  • Wet, hybrid, dry: We also service all types of wet cooling towers, including those that use a hybrid design. These are increasingly popular for plume abatement and/or water savings
  • FRP, wood, Concrete Structure: Our team is experienced in working with all materials used in cooling towers, including FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), wood, and concrete.
  • Low noise: One advantage of our services is that we can minimize the noise your cooling tower makes. This is increasingly important for all installations.
  • Low drift: Drift is water lost through evaporation or blow down (blow-down). Our services can work with your site team to minimize the amount of water you lose, which conserves resources and saves you money.
  • Induced draft, forced draft: We can repair both induced draft and forced draft cooling towers.
  • Any manufacturer or model

Cooling Tower Repairs & Upgrades

  • Online fill replacement: For a cooling tower to function properly, the fill material must be free of excessive fouling and in good condition. If the fill is old, clogged or damaged, it can lead to decreased efficiency and increased energy costs. Our team of experts can replace your fill quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to business as usual.
  • Mechanical equipment repair & upgrade: Over time, mechanical equipment can become worn down and less reliable. We offer repairs and upgrades for all types of mechanical equipment, so you can rest assured that your cooling tower is running at peak performance.
  • Thermal upgrades: If your cooling tower is not operating at its optimal temperature, it may cause your energy bills to increase. Our thermal performance upgrade services can help you save money and improve the efficiency of your cooling tower.
  • Fan deck replacement: The fan deck must be in good condition for optimal cooling tower performance. If your fan deck is damaged or worn, our team can replace it quickly and efficiently. Ask us about a wood to FRP deck conversion for reliability and increased safety. 
  • Structural replacement: While cooling towers are durable, they can suffer from wear and tear over time. If you notice any damage to your cooling tower during structural analysis, it’s important to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Our team of experts can handle all your cooling tower repair and replacement needs.
  • Drift eliminator replacement: To ensure your cooling tower is operating at peak efficiency, it’s important to replace the drift eliminators regularly.
  • Casing and louvers: Crucial to properly functioning a cooling tower, the casing and louvers can become damaged over time. Our service team can repair or replace your cooling tower’s casing and louvers to meet your exacting needs.
  • All minor to major repair & upgrade services

Upgrade your Cooling Tower Performance

Cooling Tower Repair, Upgrade, & Maintenance

Many factors can cause poor cooling tower performance and thermal inefficiency in cooling towers. Performance upgrades and component replacements can improve performance, reliability and save your operations costs. Contact us for cooling tower repair and ongoing maintenance.

We will evaluate your cooling tower expertly and recommend needed repairs, cooling tower parts, and water treatment to improve your cooling tower performance or expand your capacity to meet your current and future requirements.

Eliminating Fouled Fill

Fouled fill greatly reduces cooling tower efficiency and is usually the result of the chosen fill, and the treated water being incompatible with the site operational conditions. In some cases, the water quality has worsened, and the fill type or water treatment program needs to be reevaluated. 
In cooperation with our preferred water treatment partners, ICS will review your operation and help you isolate the cause of the fouling to recommend a solution that will greatly reduce or eliminate the likelihood of future fouling. 
Cooling Tower Repair, Upgrade, & Maintenance

Cooling Tower Maintenance Services

Cooling tower maintenance is a critical factor in sustaining the performance of your cooling tower and the output of your production facility. Our cooling tower professionals can assist you with all aspects of maintenance, including:

  • Basic inspections
  • Operations
  • Maintenance support
  • Water treatment analysis
  • Side stream filtration
cooling tower maintenance


ICS performs cooling tower inspections to help our customers determine proper maintenance and improve cooling tower performance.
ICS can send a qualified cooling tower inspector to work on-site with your team to ensure you fully control your maintenance and operations programs and have solid data to plan for your next cooling tower outage.
Call us to schedule a thorough inspection today. 

Need Help Determining Your O&M Budget?

ICS’s experienced cooling tower inspection experts can assist you with any O&M budgeting, maintenance planning, and repairs.

ICS’s qualified inspectors work with all makes and models of site-erected cooling towers and will provide you with an inspection report detailing the tower’s condition, the recommended repairs, and schedules and will provide a quote for budgeting or immediate work needed. 

Download our Cooling Tower Repair Brochure

Cooling Tower Conversions

  • Wood to FRP conversions: Our engineers will work with you to determine the best way to convert your wooden cooling tower to fiberglass-reinforced plastic. We will consider the age and condition of your tower, as well as your budget and future needs.
  • Splash to film fill conversions: We can convert your splash-type cooling tower to a film-fill system. This can improve efficiency and reduce motor power usage. We will work with your team to determine the best type of film fill for your needs.

Cooling Tower Replacement

  • Complete structure replacement or upgrade: Our team can replace your entire structure for a seamless, comprehensive cooling tower repair or upgrade. This includes the, shell, fill, other components, or minor repairs.
  • Complete tower replacement: Our team can replace your cooling tower with a new one designed to meet your specific needs for a more cost-effective option with reconstruction services.
  • Emergency repair/disaster recovery: In an emergency, disaster, or storm damage repairs, our team is equipped to handle any repairs or replacements that may be necessary. We will work efficiently to get your cooling tower up and running again.