ICS specializes in air cooler upgrades and custom solutions engineered to precise specifications. Our comprehensive services range from component repair and replacement to complete system reconstruction. We will work with you to develop a solution to your process cooling needs. ICS services air coolers of all makes for thermal upgrades, power savings, optimization and tube bundle cleaning. Call to ask how ICS can help you improve your air cooler performance.


ICS specializes in Performance upgrades of air coolers of all types. One of the best Return On Investment (ROI) upgrades is changing out low efficiency aluminum fans with high efficiency, long life FRP fans. Upgrading from aluminum to a quality FRP fan immediately provides the following benefits:

  • Power savings of 20 – 30% or more in some cases
  • Thermal efficiency increases of 20 – 30% or more in some cases
  • Longer life without failures which aluminum blades are prone to

Upgrading  from Aluminum to FRP can allow overall higher airflow at same power consumption, reduced energy usage at same airflow or a combination of both. ICS can work with your team to determine what is best for your plant and help you with the selection which best suits your applications.

Ask how ICS can help you improve your plant performance and reliability and reduce operations costs at the same time.

Towers by Type

Air Coolers
  • Factory installed Aluminum fan ready to be replaced.
  • Failure due to fatigue points often results in catastrophic failures
  • Payback period for conversion to FRP can be 2 years or less
Air Coolers
  • Installing new Hudson FRP fan in forced draft air cooler
  • 100% FRP single piece blades built to last
  • Tapered and twisted profiles ensure maximum efficiency
  • Moment balanced to master standard for smooth operations
Air Coolers
  •  Soda cleaning tube bundles
  • Online cleaning with high efficiency to renew your cooler performance.

The major benefits of air coolers over cooling towers and other evaporate coolers are:

  • Elimination of additional water usage
  • Flexibility in plant site selection due to water efficient design
  • Decreased time required for plant permitting

ICS’ air cooler services include:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Repair/Reconstruction
  • Testing
  • Thermal Performance Upgrade
  • tube bundle cleaning