Cooling Tower Replacement

Reasons for A Cooling Tower Replacement

Like any other large piece of industrial equipment, the ravages of time eventually take their toll on a cooling tower’s capacity. At a certain point, routine maintenance and patchwork replacement of components is no longer enough to ensure that a cooling tower is capable of achieving the performance necessary to support its intended application.

In order to extend the life of a cooling tower and boost its cooling capacity, a reconstruction project may become necessary; this will ensure that your business is able to continue to function properly for the foreseeable future.

Benefits of Cooling Tower Replacement

In addition to enhancing a cooling tower’s intended capacity, reconstruction also presents the opportunity to upgrade a tower’s structural components. Cooling tower fill &motor replacement can easily be completed during these projects if the tower’s fill is clogged or damaged, allowing for higher-performing pieces to be implemented.

How to Proceed Once Your Cooling Tower Has Been Completed

Once your reconstruction project is done, it’s important that you discuss recommendations on a maintenance schedule and scope with your supplier in order to avoid any degradation of your updated cooling tower. A qualified manufacturer should be able to provide you with concrete advice specific to your situation, and may even be able to offer assistance with the servicing itself.

As a general rule, every cell of your tower should receive an inspection every year of components like gearboxes (plus gearbox oil and seals), driveshafts, distribution water basins, fan cylinders, fill, and distribution piping and nozzles among others.

Why Us?

Industrial Cooling Solutions is a global team of industry experts; we offer construction and service all over the world backed by years of knowledge and experience.

Project: Palinpinon Geothermal Power Plant

Industry: Geothermal

Location: Philippines

Client: EDC

Tower Type: Crossflow, FRP

Year: 2012-13

ICS was contracted for demolition and cooling tower replacement of  Unit #1 of Palinpinon Geothermal Power Plant owned by EDC Philippines. The project was set on a very tight schedule to demolish a dilapidated old 3-cell class 600 Marley wood tower and replace it with a new ICS FRP crossflow cooling tower in 42 days from start to finish. ICS was able to complete this complex job two days early