Metrix Seismic Velocity Transmitter ST5484E

4-20mA output for interface with a PLC / DCS or other process monitor. High-pass and low-pass filters available. Simple 2 wire installation.

  • RFI/EMI Immunity– Enhanced circuit design and installation techniques aggressively filter out noise from common sources such as handheld radios.
  • Excellent Moisture Resistance– The 2-pin MIL connector version is hermetically sealed to provide an IP67-rated enclosure. Flying lead and terminal block versions are fully potted and rated to IP56 when installed with optional IEC conduit elbow.
  • Hazardous Area Approvals– North American (CSA), Brazilian (INMETRO), and European (ATEX & IEC) approvals available.
  • Dynamic Signal Availability–2-wire versions provide a 4-20 mA velocity- proportional signal for easy connection to PLCs, DCSs, and other plant control systems. Optional 4-wire versions also provide the raw acceleration signal (100 mV/g) for use with vibration data collectors and analyzers
  • Variety of Connection Options– Flying leads, terminal block, and MIL-type connectors available.
  • Conduit-Ready– Terminal block and flying lead options have conduit threads on top of sensor. No special housings are required for connection of conduit.
  • Rugged, Industrial Design– Robust construction offers outstanding durability; built-in base and housing strain protection helps ensure that over-torqueing sensor-to- machine and sensor-to conduit connections won’t damage internals or body.
  • High- and Low-Pass Filter Options– The ST5484E can be ordered with a wide variety of low- and high-pass filter options to precisely tailor the band over which vibration is measured.
  • Polarity-Independent Wiring– Metrix patented IPT® technology allows loop power to be connected without regard to voltage polarity, reducing field wiring errors and ensuring that the raw acceleration output 1is not phase inverted.
  • Multiple Mounting Options– Integral and removable mounting stud options available in both metric and English thread sizes; flat base mounting adapters are also available.
  • Loop-Powered– Runs on nominal 24 VDC power supplied by the 4-20 mA current loop.
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range– Accepts loop power voltages from 11 to 29.6 V DC (intrinsically safe) or 30.0 VDC (explosion-proof & non-incendive).

Model: ST5484E

The Metrix ST5484E is a self-contained, loop-powered seismic velocity transmitter that incorporates a piezo-electric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS peak detector, and 4-20 mA signal conditioner into a single, robust package.  The transmitter can be mounted directly on the machine case or bearing housing without need of any intervening signal conditioning equipment.  Its 4-20 mA output signal is compatible with most industrial process control instrumentation such as PLCs, DCSs, and SCADA systems, allowing trending and/or alarming capabilities for a simple, economical vibration monitoring solution.  The transmitter is also available in a 4-wire version where the extra two conductors provide direct access to the raw acceleration signal, facilitating easy connection to portable data collectors and analyzers.

An extremely wide range of full scale outputs, mounting stud options, and hazardous area approvals are available, along with an option for 316 stainless steel case materials (303 stainless is standard).

For flexibility and ease of wiring, three basic styles are offered:

  • Flying Leads
  • Terminal Strips
  • 2-pin MIL connector

Product Aprox. Weight: 0.36 kg (0.8 lbs)

A vibration transmitter may be appropriate in applications where a stand-alone monitoring system may not be warranted. The ST5484E handles general-purpose vibration measurements
on a wide range of rotating and reciprocating machinery with rotative speeds between 120- and 6,000-rpm. Seismic measurements are suitable for machines with rolling-element bearings because shaft vibration in such machines is usually transmitted directly through the bearing to the bearing housing without substantial damping or attenuation. Seismic transducers can also measure vibration that does not originate at the shaft, such as bearing-related wear and defects, footing/foundation problems, piping resonances that are coupled to the machine, etc.

ST5484E Illustration

Metrix ST5484E Datasheet
Metrix ST5484E Manual