Geothermal Cooling Towers
ICS has the knowledge and engineering expertise to design, build, repair, upgrade or provide cooling tower parts for geothermal cooling towers worldwide.

Our geothermal power experience enables us to engineer quality counterflow and crossflow towers that offer operational efficiencies and durability in harsh H2S environments.

Design Considerations for Geothermal Power Plants

ICS looks at a number of critical design elements to create your best solution:
• ICS’s proprietary Energy Management System reduces the auxiliary load of the cooling tower
• Material structure/hardware selection for H2S corrosion resistance
• Proper fill selection for aggressive water conditions and high temperatures
• Specific mechanical equipment coatings for added protection against H2S corrosion

In addition to this expertise, ICS is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified. Safety training and proper in-the-field execution are a top priority for ICS and we have an impeccable and fully documented safety record.

ICS’s New Geothermal Cooling Tower Projects

EDC, Palinpinon – Philippines

ICS engineered, procured and installed the first Crossflow FRP towers in the Philippines. Each new crossflow tower was built in 42 days or less: Units 1, 2 and 3.

Cooling Tower RelocationCooling Tower Geothermal Power Plant

EDC, N2N Relocation Project – Negros Island, Philippines

When EDC needed to relocate an idle SPX/Marley cooling tower, ICS dismantled, moved, and rebuilt it for optimal performance in the new environment.

N2N-Project-PhotoN2N New Geothermal Cooling Tower Philippines

EDC, Bac Man 3 – Cawayan, Philippines

ICS installed a new, 2-cell FRP Counterflow wood cooling tower on an existing basin on time and under budget.

Bac Man 2-Cell FRP Cooling TowerPhilippines

EDC, Bac Man 1 & 2 – Cawayan, Philippines

ICS performed complete “splash fill” to “film fill” conversions and total tower rehabilitation (structure, mechanical, decking) under a tight time schedule and with a perfect safety record for two counterflow, wood, six-cell towers.

Bacman cooling towerSplash to FRP Fill BacManBacMan Rebuild 2

Geothermal Cooling Tower Repair & Parts

• Aboitiz Power, Mak Ban Unit 6, Repair/Upgrade, 6-cell crossflow wood cooling tower, Philippines, 2010
• Chevron Salak, Parts & Repair, 3-cell crossflow wood cooling tower, Indonesia, 2010
• Aboitiz Power, Mak Ban Unit 5, Repair, 6-cell crossflow wood cooling tower, Philippines, 2010
• Aboitiz Power, Tiwi, Parts & Repair, 6-cell crossflow wood cooling tower, Philippines, 2010

Cooling Tower Repair Projects

Geothermal Cooling Tower Disaster Recovery

When the Leyte typhoon destroyed Malitbog and the cooling towers, Energy Development Corp (EDC) needed help fast. ICS was first on the ground in the Philippines to provide emergency assistance by surveying damage and supporting rehabilitation for three power plants with multiple towers.

ICS Geothermal Repair - Before & After

ICS is a truly international firm with dedicated geothermal cooling tower specialists offering:
• Geothermal expertise
• Cooling tower engineering and construction services
• International sourcing and procurement
• Multilingual staff in the USA, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and the Middle East

Contact us to learn more about our geothermal cooling tower power plant projects, to discuss your project specifications or special requirements. ICS will become your trusted partner in geothermal cooling.

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