Tower Components Opti-Bar Splash Fill

Opti-Bar splash fill provides optimum performance, optimum strength, and optimum versatility.

Unique Design – Highly Efficient
Improves System Performance
Maximizes Air / Water Interface
For Crossflow and Counterflow Applications
Available in HDPE or PP Material

The tubular-design configuration allows Opti-Bar to be secured in the wire mesh supports and held firmly in place without the use of additional support pads / fastening clips, which are commonly required on other splash fill designs. Opti-Bar is manufactured to a nominal width of 4-1/8”, and height of 1-1/4”. When it’s installed in standard wire mesh hangers, the 4-1/8” wide bar compresses slightly to secure itself in place and no additional supports or attachments are required. As an option, Opti-Bar can be manufactured to a 3-5/8” width to fit plastic mesh fill supports. This design eliminates the streaming and channeling of water common with standard bar fills. The open areas between mesh strands allow water droplets to pass through the bar and be cooled by the air passing under the bar. The dead space, typically found under other bar fills, is a major design flaw that degrades tower performance.

Opti-Bar can be manufactured from either high density polyethylene or polypropylene material, both of which contain UV inhibitors and are resistant to chemical and biological attack, acids, alkalis, and hydrocarbons. Opti-Bar can be used with up to an 185° F continuously hot water temperature.

As an option, Opti-Bar is available with an ASTM E-84 rating of ≤ 25 using flame retardant additives.


Product description

Opti-Bar splash fill is a product developed by Tower Components, Inc. in 1993, for crossflow and counterflow cooling tower heat-transfer applications. It has been installed in cooling towers servicing electrical generating plants, refineries, steel and aluminum mills, chemical plants, food processing plants, gas liquefaction processors, sugar mills, and air conditioning applications. Opti-Bar splash fill provides optimum performance, optimum strength, and optimum versatility.

In a major research study conducted in 1999 by an independent cooling tower consultant published as CTI Technical Paper TP 05-99, titled “A Comparison of Crossflow Cooling Tower Splash Type Fills”, Opti-Bar was tested against a number of other splash fills available at the time of the study.The test results showed that Opti-Bar was at least 10% more efficient than the nearest competitive splash fill design.

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