PRO SX Series 28″-34′ (0.73M-10.36M) Fans

The Howden PRO SX Series 28″-34' (0.73M-10.36M) cooling tower fans are often much quieter than standard cooling fans.

Standard Features Include:

  • Outstanding design – the SX fan is adaptable and can rotate in the horizontal or vertical plane
  • Operation from 20ºC to 65ºC – the SX fan works in hot and cool industrial environments
  • Polyurethane-coated steel hub – the SX fan also has aluminum blade supports and stainless steel U-bolts, nuts and washers

Optional Features Include:

  • Up to 120ºC operation with special modifications, the SX fan can operate in temperatures above the 65ºC standard limit
  • Upgraded blade protection – we can better protect the blade for use in wet cooling applications
  • Upgraded materials – we can upgrade the SX fan so that it’s appropriate for sea water cooling tower applications
  • Coupling flanges – we can supply cast iron, polyurethane-coated coupling flanges to mate with drive shafts having either a cylindrical bore or a tapered bushing connection


The Howden Pro SX Series cooling tower fans are often much quieter than standard cooling fans. Howden touts this fan to be so quiet that other noise-reduction methods such as sound attenuating walls and water silencers are not necessary.

  • Cuts industrial noise – SX sound emissions are 20 dB less than standard fans
  • Damps down vibrations – the FRP blades offer superior damping of mechanical vibrations and great chemical resistance
  • Frees up space – the SX offers the opportunity to build a compact installation, occupying less space and reducing materials costs
  • Simple to assemble and adaptable for a range of applications
  • Enhances cooling capacity – you can increase fan speed to produce more air at noise levels which are still acceptable
  • Applications – Field-erected cooling towers, packaged cooling towers, air-cooled condensers (ACC), air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) and ventilation systems
  • Blades: FRP (Pultruded Fiberglass)
  • Blade Supports: Aluminum
  • Hub: Polyurethane Coated Steel
  • U-bolts: Stainless Steel
  • Fasteners: Stainless Steel

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