Brentwood TurboSplash Modular Splash Fill

TurboSplash Modular Splash Fill Media is designed for counterflow and crossflow applications in the power, refining, petrochemical, steel, chemical, pulp and paper, and food processing industries.

  • Folds into nested bundles for easy and cost-effective shipping, storage, and installation.
  • Simple, bottom-supported installation (no field assembly or hangers required).
  • TurboSplash assemblies can be configured in various spacings and angles to optimize performance.
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene copolymer that is resistant to alkalis, acids, and oils.
  • Pipe support saddles are integrated in the top and bottom of the TurboSplash panel frames for positive alignment and secure installation onto the intermediate supports (3/4-inch Schedule 40 pipe).
  • Available in 4-inch (SF100) and 6-inch (SF150) pair spread configurations.
  • High temperature rated for continuous operation at 180°F (82.2°C) and a 24-hour maximum of 195°F (90.6°C).

Brentwood TurboSplash Modular Splash Fill

Product Weights

Product Bundle Weight Panels
Per Pack
Per Volume
SF100-6 34.2 lbs
(15.5 kg)
36 3 per ft3
(105.9 per m3)
SF100-8 45.6 lbs
(20.7 kg)
48 3 per ft3
(105.9 per m3)
SF150-6 22.8 lbs
(10.3 kg)
24 2 per ft3
(70.6 per m3)
SF150-8 30.4 lbs
(13.8 kg)
32 2 per ft3
(70.6 per m3)

Brentwood Turbosplash Specs

Product description

AccuPac® TurboSplash Modular Splash Fill assemblies feature hinged panels that can be installed in both counterflow and crossflow cooling tower applications. TurboSplash was designed for high thermal performance where poor water quality does not permit the use of film fills. Each unit can be accordion-folded into a compact bundle for efficient, cost-effective storage and shipping and then unfolded in the tower for easy installation.

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