Common Industrial Cooling Tower Issues

Industrial Cooling Towers, Like All Things, Experience Issues As anyone will tell you who has purchased any type of machinery, issues crop up. While machines are designed to be as durable and efficient as possible, they all inevitably need maintenance.

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Choosing The Right Industrial Cooling Tower Contractor

Industrial Cooling Towers are Only as Good as Their Contractors Hello, and welcome back to our blog. Here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we have a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and efficient industrial cooling towers. For many industries, cooling

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Water Cooling For Power Plants

Making Power is Hot Work At Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we find all forms of industrial cooling interesting. While we mostly focus on our counterflow and crossflow cooling towers, today we wanted to talk about another form of industrial cooling.

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Vibrations Are Bad For Business

Vibrations Can turn Cooling Towers Into Cooling Nightmares Hello once again, and welcome back to Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc.’s blog. In our last post we covered variable frequency drives and listed some of the benefits that these devices have for

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Environmental Concerns And Industrial Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers Love The Environment Too As you are probably already aware, we here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc. are experts on industrial cooling towers. Our knowledge and experience has given us valuable insight into the world of cooling towers,

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Variable Frequency Drives Save Money

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! In our previous posts, we laid down a few basics about industrial cooling towers, such as why they are important and which type works best for a specific industry. At Industrial Cooling Solutions

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Cooling Tower Components: Drift Eliminators

Drift Eliminators Keep Water in its Place Hello, and welcome back to Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc.’s blog! Our last few posts have been focused on specific components that make industrial cooling towers work, and today’s post is going to follow

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ICS Begins Shipping of GulfJP 12SPP Project

Toyo Engineering (TEC) and GulfJP, Thailand’s #2 power producer selected ICS in 2015 as the successful supplier of the cooling towers for their 12 Small Power Plant (12SPP) project which is building the 12 power plants to fulfill GulfJP’s power

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