Depending on where you are in the world, there’s most likely a cold season that could present a potential change in the way you operate your cooling tower. If the temperature is cold and there’s snow, there are several things you should do to keep your rooftop unit chiller operating as efficiently as possible.
When it’s cold out you may notice that your cooling tower may fail to restart after turning off or operate inefficiently. Follow these tips to ensure that your cooling tower operates efficiently even during the coldest days and nights:

Remove Biological Contaminants

Preventing bacteria growth is important for making sure your cooling tower runs as efficiently as possible. Bacteria growth, scale and lime can all contribute to making a tower run poorly, so you should use the necessary chemicals to kill them. Bacteria can also increase corrosion rate which can negatively impact the rate of heat transfer. If it’s a closed system that has no water added, you should only need to do this when the system is installed.

Remove Ice and Snow

You should regularly inspect your unit and remove ice and snow from your condenser unit, coils and fan blades. This debris acts as a barrier when it comes to heat transfer.

Apply Antifreeze

Antifreeze in a cool tower will work similar to antifreeze in a car: it will reduce the temperature at which the water freezes. Even during the coldest nights your water will flow smoothly and without a hitch.

Keep The Heat

If your water pump is running continuously, the water that enters the tower will be warmer than the water that’s currently in the tower. Since cooling towers are designed to take heat from the building to the tower and pumps produce heat, you’ll be maintaining the heat in the tower.

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