Brentwood DE097 Blade Drift Eliminator

DE097 is designed for applications requiring very low drift levels in counterflow forced-draft cooling towers and evaporative cooling systems.

  • Easy to assemble on site.
  • Popular choice for international projects because freight costs can be significantly lowered by shipping unassembled components instead of assembled modules.
  • Engineered discharge deflectors on the trailing edge of each blade increase the velocity of the leaving airstream and direct it at a 45° angle away from the intake fans, to prevent recirculation of warm, moist air through the fans.
  • Nests with adjacent modules to provide seamless drift removal by eliminating gaps between packs that can allow drift droplet bypass.
  • Drift loss of 0.004% circulating water flow (Test Method CTI-HBIK Standard 140).
  • Material meets CTI Standard 136.

Product Weights & Span Capabilities

Blade Thickness Dry Weight Maximum Span
lbs/ft2 kg/m2
25 mils (0.64 mm) 0.9 4.4 6 ft (1.8 m)
Brentwood DE097 Blade Drift Eliminator


DE097 Blade Drift Eliminators are available in UV-stabilized PVC and HPVC (for high temperatures). These compounds have outstanding resistance to weather exposure and are nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkalis, acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attacks. They also have an excellent fire rating due to their self-extinguishing characteristics and meet or exceed Cooling Technology Institute Standard 136.

DE097 Specifications

Product description

DE097 Blade Drift Eliminator Modules are specifically designed for use in forced draft cooling towers. Like DE080 and DE120, these drift eliminators use a series of sinusoidal-shaped PVC (or HPVC) blades to achieve excellent drift droplet removal by forcing the leaving air to make three distinct changes of direction. Where this product differs is the additional deflector added to the discharge edge of each blade, which increases the velocity of the leaving airstream and directs it away from the intake fans when installed properly.

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