Brentwood Accupac HTP25 Modular Splash Fill

HTP25 Modular Splash Fill Media is the ideal choice for dirty water applications.

  • Patented Mechanical Assembly (MA) technology for glue-free packs that can be assembled on site.
  • Modules provide a minimum crush resistance of 500 psf (24 N/m2), which is five times the typical requirement.
  • Advanced geometry allows for over 3,600 drip points per ft3 (127,000/m3).
  • Can be used above PVC fills for high temperature applications or improved water distribution.
  • Made from a UV-protected polypropylene copolymer.
  • Fire-retardant additives available.
  • Maximum continuous operation at 176°F (80°C).
  • Available in standard 36-inch lengths. Sheets can be lapped to create 72-inch pack lengths.
  • Can be cleaned with high-pressure sprayers.

Packaging Dimensions & Weights

Sheet Size Sheets Per Skid Skid Dimensions
(L × W × H)
Weight (approx.)
11.8 in
(300 mm)
1440 72 × 42 × 54 in
(1829 × 1067 × 1372 mm)
645 lbs
(293 kg)
23.625 in 720 72 × 42 × 54 in
(1829 × 1067 × 1372 mm)
645 lbs
(293 kg)
Brentwood Accupac HTP25 Modular Splash Fill


Brentwood’s HTP25 Modular Splash Fill is made from heavy-duty, UV-protected, polypropylene copolymer, which has outstanding resistance to weather exposure and is nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkalis and acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attack. For applications that require fire resistance, HTP25 can be offered with a fire-retardant additive to reduce its combustibility.

AccuPac Fill Selection Guidelines

Product description

AccuPac® HTP25 (High Thermal Performance) Splash Fill is an injection-molded fill used in both counterflow and crossflow towers that produces heat transfer via droplet generation. The highly engineered drip design provides maximum thermal performance in a compact module. HTP25’s open, offset-flute, fouling-resistant design is ideal for applications where the circulating water has very high levels of suspended solids.

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