The Cooling Tower Industry is Driven by Innovation

If you have read our previous blogs, then you are aware that industrial cooling towers can sometimes become a little dirty. This is due largely to the fact that particulates captured in the water can cause scale deposits and microorganisms to develop on the sides of a cooling tower and the fill material. While this is an aspect of cooling towers that has been dealt with for decades through chemical treatments, we here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., wanted to take some time to talk about a piece of technology that takes chemical treatment processes out of the industrial cooling tower equation.

Industrial Cooling Towers Must be Clean to be Efficient

The VRTX system is a mechanically induced treatment system that helps to prevent the formations of scale buildup, microorganisms, slime, and also helps to prevent corrosion to an industrial cooling tower from repeated exposure to harsh chemicals. Through the use of the VRTX system, no extra chemicals are used to clean the cooling tower which not only saves industries money but also cuts down on the labor that typically is associated with maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of an industrial cooling tower. The VRTX system is a mechanical device that uses hydrodynamic cavitation (the formation, growth, and implosive collapse of small gas bubbles within a liquid) to remove unwanted substances from the water used in industrial cooling tower applications, which are typically solid particulates and carbon dioxide.

The VRTX System is Like a Water Filter for Industrial Cooling Towers

The VRTX system connects to the basin water reservoir located at the bottom of most industrial cooling towers. In most cases, a side stream of water is routed from the cooling tower basin, pumped through the system, and returned back to the basin of the cooling tower. As the water from the industrial cooling tower exits the VRTX system nozzles and enters the cavitation chamber, the water’s chemistry equilibrium is shifted, which results in the off-gassing of carbon dioxide and the precipitation of solid calcium carbonate, the substance that causes scale deposits to form in industrial cooling towers. After this process, the water discharged by the VRTX system is returned to the cooling tower basin and another side stream of water is taken from the basin. This second stream passes through a filtration system or cyclonic separator that separates any solids from the water collected in the basin. Once everything has been separated, the water is flushed right back through the cooling tower and the whole process continues. All solids that are collected in the separator are usually flushed at the end of every day.
The Benefits of the VRTX System in Industrial Cooling Applications
The most obvious benefit of using the VRTX system in industrial cooling tower applications is that it eliminates the need to use harsh treatment chemicals to control scale buildup and biological growth in the cooling tower. Additionally, the VRTX system helps to conserve water through the reduction of blowdown volume which is both an environmental and economic benefit to the entire cooling tower system. It has been reported by several industries that make use of the VRTX system that they have been able to reduce their blowdown water consumption by 60 to 90 percent. Lastly, the VRTX system improves cooling tower performance through the elimination of scale build up on the surface walls of towers. Reducing the amount of scale build up allows an industrial cooling tower to more efficiently transfer heat while using less energy.
The reduction of water consumption has always been a major focus in the world of industrial cooling towers and the VRTX system has allowed multiple industries to decrease their ecological footprint while also reducing the amount of money that is spent on water each year.
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