Industrial Cooling Towers Are Essential in the Middle East

If you have been following along with our blog, you probably know just how much we enjoy talking about industrial cooling towers. These towers are essential for a wide range of industries and make it possible for many of the products that we know and love to be produced in an effective and environmentally safe way. Without industrial cooling towers, excessive heat build up would prevent many factories and plants from operating and this is especially true for industries that are located in extremely warm climates. In today’s post, we are going to focus on the benefits that industrial cooling towers have had on the growing industrial sector in the Middle East.

The Middle East Has a Wide Range of Industries

When the average person thinks of the economy of the Middle East, their thoughts most likely go to one essential exported good: oil. While it cannot be denied that oil is one of the most important economics for a multitude of countries in the Middle East, the last few decades have seen a large growth in the industrial sector as well. Anyone who has been paying attention to trends in the energy sector knows that oil is on its way out. While this resource will not be completely phased out anytime soon, the growth of the renewable energy sector shows that the world, as a whole, is ready to shed the shackles of oil dependence. While this move to renewable energy will be a net positive for the planet, it is undoubtedly going to cause some ripples in the world’s major oil producing nations. As a result of this shift in the energy sector, many oil producing nations are looking for alternative ways to ensure that the economy of their country still thrives. This has resulted in an increased presence of industries in the Middle East and, as a result, an increased need for industrial cooling towers.

The Middle East is Hot. Cooling Towers Help With That

Like the vast majority of industrial cooling towers, the ones located in the Middle East use water as their preferred choice of heat transfer medium. The most common uses of industrial cooling applications in the Middle East are central air conditioning plants, process cooling, industrial refrigeration, chemical plants, and textile manufacturers. While all of these plants are present in other countries, they pose a particular issue when they are located in the Middle East. You see, while water is the most effective method for dissipating heat for industrial applications, that becomes an issue if your plant is located in the middle of a desert. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and the UAE all must make use of industrial cooling towers to effectively run their industrial plants, but that can be difficult when water is not a resource that is abundant in your country. To combat this issue, industrial cooling tower technology has had to find effective ways to cool a factory in an area where water is a precious commodity.

The Middle East is Changing the Industrial Cooling Tower Game

So, how does an entire sector of industry keep up with the demand for cooling towers that can effectively eliminate heat in areas where water is scarce? Simply put, they innovate. The Middle East’s need for effective industrial cooling towers has spurred a renewed sense of innovation in the industry. Industrial cooling tower manufacturers are not going to ignore an entire sector of the globe and, as a result, have come up with more efficient ways for their cooling towers to operate. Advancements in FRP towers, better fill material, and increased water efficiency have largely resulted from having to come up with an effective way to cool plants and factories in areas of the world that have a hot climate. Here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we are dedicated to helping the world, the whole world, come up with effective means to responsibly eliminate heat from industrial processes.
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