The Benfits Of FRP Fan Blades

FRP Fan Blades are Here to Stay Like any industry, industrial cooling towers have experienced quite a bit of innovation over the last few decades. As construction techniques and materials advanced, cooling towers became more efficient, lasted longer, and were

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Cooling Tower Fan Maintenance

Your Cooling Tower Fan is Important, Treat it Right With summer fast approaching, it is essential that you make sure your cooling tower is ready to handle the heat. While there are a wide variety of maintenance checks that will

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How To Reduce Cooling Tower Fan Vibration

The Less Vibration the Better Hello, and welcome back to our blog. Here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we specialize in the construction and upkeep of industrial cooling towers and, as a result, we come across a lot of issues

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Concrete Versus FRP Cooling Towers Pt. 2

Is an FRP Cooling Tower the Right Choice for Your Project? Hello, dear reader, and welcome to part two of our blog series highlighting the advantages that FRP materials have over concrete in industrial cooling tower design. While we aren’t

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Comparing Concrete Vs. FRP Cooling Towers

Which Material is Right for Your Cooling Tower? At Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we want to make industrial cooling tower design as easy as possible. We realize that, for the most part, our clients are interested in two things: efficiency

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Industrial Cooling Tower Materials

Industrial Cooling Towers are Made From Many Materials Here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we have a wealth of experience in building industrial cooling towers. These towers are vital to a wide range of businesses including, but not limited to,

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Common Industrial Cooling Tower Issues

Industrial Cooling Towers, Like All Things, Experience Issues As anyone will tell you who has purchased any type of machinery, issues crop up. While machines are designed to be as durable and efficient as possible, they all inevitably need maintenance.

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Choosing The Right Industrial Cooling Tower Contractor

Industrial Cooling Towers are Only as Good as Their Contractors Hello, and welcome back to our blog. Here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we have a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and efficient industrial cooling towers. For many industries, cooling

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