Brentwood D15 Nesting Cellular Drift Eliminator

D15 Nesting Drift Eliminator is designed for crossflow applications requiring very low drift levels with minimal airside pressure drop, meaning lower fan horsepower requirements. The nesting D15 model provides seamless drift removal by eliminating gaps between adjacent packs, while also allowing for varied pack stiffness and span capability options.

Product description

Brentwood’s D15 Nesting high-efficiency drift eliminators are specially designed and constructed to meet today’s demanding drift reduction requirements for crossflow cooling towers. The D15 Nesting Cellular Drift Eliminator combines high drift elimination with low pressure drop, yielding an extremely efficient drift eliminator panel. Constructed of 15-mil (after forming) PVC corrugated sheets and heavy, 30-mil stiffener sheets, the panels are designed to interlock to form a leak-tight integrated installed assembly. The packs are solvent-bonded to provide stiff, rugged, 24-inch-wide panels in lengths up to 10 feet.

Additional information