Brentwood AccuPac VF-19 PLUS Vertical-Fluted Anti-Fouling Film Fill

The VF19 PLUS is for use in counterflow cooling towers where water quality is poor (poor make-up water or process contamination). Typical applications are power, refining, chemical, mining, and food processing.

Because cooling tower spray systems create a washing effect that reduces the fouling potential of the top 12 inches (300 mm) of fill, a top layer of OF21MA or CF1900 should be considered to improve overall performance.

Product description

AccuPac® Vertical-Fluted Fills feature vertical flow channels with large openings that produce the high water velocities necessary to create an anti-fouling environment in the fill. In the VF19PLUS, an engineered microstructure was added to the flutes to improve water distribution and thermal mixing.

Additional information