Brentwood AccuPac VF-19 PLUS Vertical-Fluted Anti-Fouling Film Fill

The VF19 PLUS is for use in counterflow cooling towers where water quality is poor (poor make-up water or process contamination). Typical applications are power, refining, chemical, mining, and food processing.

Because cooling tower spray systems create a washing effect that reduces the fouling potential of the top 12 inches (300 mm) of fill, a top layer of OF21MA or CF1900 should be considered to improve overall performance.

  • Anti-fouling, vertical-fluted design plus engineered microstructure for high water velocity, improved water distribution, and thermal mixing.
  • Bonded edge with dedicated bond points for added durability.
  • Proprietary edge trim that efficiently directs water to both sides of sheet.
  • Material meets Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136.

Product Weights

Nominal Gauge Dry Weight
mils mm lbs / ft3 kg / m3
10 0.25 1.7 27.2
15 0.38 2.4 38.4
Brentwood AccuPac VF-19 PLUS Vertical-Fluted Anti-Fouling Film Fill

Brentwood sheet thicknesses are quoted in final gauge (as measured in field) of 0.010″ (0.254 mm), 0.015″ (0.381 mm), or your specific requirement. All Brentwood fill products are available in PVC and are UV stabilized. The PVC compounds used in Brentwood fills have outstanding resistance to weather exposure and are nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkali, acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attack. Brentwood PVC has an excellent fire rating due to its self-extinguishing characteristics, and meets or exceeds Cooling Technology Institute Standard 136. HPVC (high temperatures) and ABS plastics are also available for special applications.

Brentwood VF-19 Plus Specifications
AccuPac Fills Brochure and Specs

AccuPac Fill Selection Guidelines

Product description

AccuPac® Vertical-Fluted Fills feature vertical flow channels with large openings that produce the high water velocities necessary to create an anti-fouling environment in the fill. In the VF19PLUS, an engineered microstructure was added to the flutes to improve water distribution and thermal mixing.

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