Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drives - Double Reduction-1713

The Amarillo Right Angle Double Reduction Gear Drives for cooling towers and air fin heat exchangers are known worldwide for their reliability and excellence.

  • Housings and casting are designed/constructed to absorb internal and external loads with minimal deflection
  • Sloped floor of the gear case adds rigidity and permits complete oil drainage
  • Complete noise and vibration testing performed up to 500 horsepower loading
  • Spiral Bevel Gears are precision machined from high-grade alloy steel, case hardened and lapped in pairs, allowing for quiet and efficient operation
  • Helical Gears designed to provide low-noise, low-vibration operation
  • Bearing life exceeding 100,000 hours
  • All shafting is made from high alloy, fatigue resistant steel
  • Oil sight glass is provided on all double reduction units and ports for oil fill, drain inspection and venting are easily accessible

Standard Features Include:

  • Selection – The required ratio is established by dividing the input or driver speed by the output or fan speed. Select the ratio from the table that is the closest to the required ratio. Select a gear drive from the table that has a service rating listed under the required ratio column that is equal to or greater than the power rating of the driver at the input speed. When gear drives are to be selected using a service factor other than 2.0, multiply the service rating from the tables by 2.0 to get the “mechanical rating.” The mechanical rating is then divided by the appropriate service factor to obtain the new service rating at the required service factor. Efficiency varies with speed, power and thrust, with normal ranges between 95-98%. Contact factory for actual values for your application.
  • Ratio – All ratios are reducing and defined as the ratio of input speed to output speed. Single reduction ratios are within ᄆ2%. Double reduction ratios shown in Table III are exact within ᄆ3%.
  • Ratings – AGMA and CTI recommend a minimum service factor of 2.0 for gear drives in cooling tower fan service when driven by electric motors or steam turbines. All ratings in Table I and Table III are service ratings and include a 2.0 service factor. Ratings are listed for both 60 and 50 cycle electric motor speeds. Ratings at intermediate speeds may be interpolated from the tables. Contact the factory for recommendations when the driver speed exceeds 1800 rpm.
  • Thermal Rating – The thermal ratings of Amarillo Gear cooling tower drives are equal to or exceed the service ratings listed in Tables I & III when the discharge air temperature is 120ᄀF or less. Contact the factory for thermal rating when the air temperature exceeds 120ᄀF.
    Direction of Rotation – Normal rotation is both shafts clockwise as shown in the illustrations. Occasional use with both shafts rotating counterclockwise is permissible.
  • “W” Series – The “W” Series of gear drives were developed primarily for applications involving larger diameter fans. These applications may require special design features to be incorporated in the gear drives to accommodate the higher thrust and undefined dynamic loads which are normally associated with larger diameter fans. Contact Amarillo Gear to discuss any applications involving 36 foot or larger diameter fans.
  • Oil Heater & Thermostat – Not Available
  • Oil Level Switch – CSA listed for hazardous location: Class1, Div. 1, Groups C&D rated 10 amps@ 125 VAC and SPDT standard
  • Optional Features Include:
  • Specialized paint
  • Low Speed Option-modification to the single reduction gearbox that allows for no minimum input (motor) speed when used in conjunction with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) – (without low speed option the minimum speed is 450 RPM)
  • Oil Level Switch – DPDT is available – request pricing
  • Synthetic Oil
  • 304SS Ball Valve
  • Non-reverse
  • Export Box
  • Delivery Time may be extended with optional equipment and features

Product description

Amarillo Right Angle Gear Drives – Double Reduction-1713

The Amarillo Right Angle Double Reduction Gear Drives for cooling towers and air fin heat exchangers are known worldwide for their reliability and excellence. Amarillo Gear has been designing and manufacturing right angle drives since 1934 and is committed to complete noise and vibration testing under full horsepower loading up to 500hp. Available for fans up to 40 feet in diameter, these right angle gearboxes are designed to meet an array of fan drive requirements.

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