Make Sure Your Cooling Tower is Ready for Warm Weather

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc., we want all of our customers, future customers, and industrial cooling tower enthusiasts to be confident that their industrial cooling towers are ready for the warm weather. Your cooling tower has been serving you faithfully all winter long and, in today’s post, we are going to go over a few things you need to do to make sure that your cooling tower is ready for the warm temperatures that are sure to be upon us Continue reading below if you would like to learn more.

Is Your Cooling Tower Working Properly?

The winter months, as we all know, are hard on many machines. However, when it comes to industrial cooling towers, the winter months can be especially taxing. Having to perform in cold, sometimes freezing temperature can take quite a toll on the mechanisms of your industrial cooling tower and it is up to you to make sure that they are all in proper working order before spring. Below, we have listed a few things that you need to check to make sure that your cooling tower is ready to perform at its optimal level.

  • Cleanliness: If it has been a while since your cooling tower was last cleaned, now is the perfect time to do it. As water runs down the walls and fill material of your cooling tower, chemicals in the water can cause scale build up inside of your tower. Not only can this scale buildup cause certain components in your tower to break, it will also decrease the overall cooling efficiency of your tower. And, as we all know, efficiency is a big deal in the cooling tower business. Take the time to properly descale your cooling tower to ensure that it is ready to perform in the coming months.
  • Inspect The Fill Material: The fill material in your cooling tower is one of the most important parts. This material is responsible for the effective distribution of water in order to maximize heat dissipation. If this fill material has become cracked or damaged during from cold temperatures, the overall efficiency of your industrial cooling tower will be greatly decreased. Take some time to thoroughly inspect your towers fill material, and replace any sections that are damaged. Trust us, the last thing you want when the temperatures start to rise is for your cooling tower to fail at its job.
  • Check The Fan: If your cooling tower makes use of a fan, which most do, be sure to have it inspected before it starts getting warm. Because cooling tower fans tend to be put under more stress during the winter months, the motor, blades, and vibration sensors can all become damaged. If your fan becomes too damaged, it can lead to your entire tower needing to be shut down for maintenance. A little preventative care now will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.
  • Clean Those Nozzles: The nozzles that are responsible for spraying water into your cooling tower are also a crucial component that needs to be checked. Not only can they become clogged due to scale buildup, they can also crack if the temperature dropped low enough during the winter. While one or two faulty nozzles won’t necessarily render your industrial cooling tower inoperable, it will decrease the efficiency of your system. Additionally, if enough of the nozzles become compromised, the entire tower may need to be shut down until the proper repairs can be made.

By taking a little time to make sure that your industrial cooling tower is in proper working order before summer sets in, you can save a lot of time and money when it comes to repair costs. Remember, the warmer it gets outside the more stress your cooling tower is going to be under. Mitigating heat is not an easy job, and you need to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure that your tower can do its job effectively. If you feel that your tower needs a maintenance check, please contact us today at Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc. Our expert technicians will come out and inspect your cooling tower to ensure that all of its components are in excellent working condition. Don’t wait until a problem causes your cooling tower to shut down, contact us today and let us help.