Amertech ATSprayer Yoke Style Nozzle

The ATSprayer uses a yoke style nozzle body manufactured by AmertechTowerServices and is used for direct replacement in cooling towers which have Research-Cottrell, Hamon Cooling Tower or Ecodyne yoke nozzle bodies.


The ATSprayer and associated parts are interchangeable with your existing OEM nozzles and parts. Our nozzles, orifices and accessories are the exact size, style and materials of your existing OEM parts.

Non-Clogging Design

The ATSprayer is designed to provide a non-clogging nozzle with a large overlapping spray pattern and increased efficiency.

Adaptor Selections

Adaptor selections include 6”, 8” and flat (for any pipe diameter above 8”). The adaptors can be fastened to your piping using one or a combination of all three of the following methods; solvent welded, screwed and banded.

Removable Orifice

The ATSprayer has incorporated a ridge within the throat of the nozzle in order to prevent the orifices from becoming dislodged or pushed out. Orifices range from .69” to 1.65”.

Individual Supply

We can also supply separately; splash plates, orifices, nozzle bodies and adaptors.

Product description

cooling tower ATSprayer

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