Amarillo Drive Shaft CF83 600L

Specially made for cooling towers by a cooling tower gear manufacturer, Amarillo drive shaft composite couplings are available in all sizes for all cooling towers.

Product description

Amarillo Drive Shaft Composite Coupling Information

Comparison with Steel Drive Shafts



High Strength to Weight Ratio

Composite center spacer member weight is a mere fraction of the weight of a steel drive shaft center member.

Inherent Corrosion Resistance

Composite materials have corrosion resistance exceeding that of 316 stainless steel.

Long Spans

Eliminates requirement for high maintenance and costly intermediate pillow block bearings.

Patented Composite Flex Disc

Low maintenance; no fretting corrosion of steel “shim” packs, plus much easier installation and maintenance.

Dimensionally Stable

Very low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE).

Vibration & Shock Control

The natural dampening of composite materials reduces the transmission of vibration throughout the power train, resulting in less wear and tear on mechanical equipment.

Comparison with Other Composite Drive Shafts



Greater Misalignment Capacity

When misalignment occurs due to mechanical equipment shifting, greater than one degree of angular misalignment per flex disc allowed.

Composite Flex Discs

Color coded by size for easy identification. Includes integral 316 SS bushings.

Registered Bushings & Flanges

Lower stress concentrations and better assurance of alignment.

High Strength Composite Flange Hubs

Spacer tube flange hubs are strong and corrosion resistant, while at the same time lightweight, reducing overhung loads.

316 SS Flange Hubs

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel for motor & gearbox hubs.

Standard 316 SS Hardware

Since precision hardware is not required, fasteners are easily replaced, and at lower costs. Optional monel hardware available.

High Service Factor Rating

Capable of withstanding repetitive high start-up torques.


All drive shafts are dynamically balanced to AGMA 9000-C90, Class 9 specifications.

Process Verification

Each Amarillo composite drive shaft is tested to 4 times continuous operating torque prior to shipment.

Easier Installation

Fewer parts required at each flex disc connection.

Special Shipping Tubes

Designed to give ultimate drive shaft protection for both international and domestic shipments.

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