Addax Drive Shaft Composite Coupling LRR850.825

Addax drive shaft composite couplings are high-strength and made especially for cooling towers. Available for all sizes of inputs ranging from 350:275 to 850:1225. Made the USA – are a solid choice for any cooling tower.


  • 13 sizes available
  • Custom spacer lengths up to 275 inches (6,985 mm)
  • Up to 5.06 inches (130 mm) bore capacity
  • Up to 36,200 in-lb (4,090 Nm) torque capacity
  • Up to 500 hp
  • Can span from motor to gearbox without intermediate support bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant parts lower cost of ownership and extend service life
  • Patented unitized flex elements eliminate fretting
  • Can ship in less than 24 hours if required

Features, Functions, Benefits of Rexnord Addax Cooling Tower Coupling

Features Functions Benefits
Low weight Reduced mass Reduced bearing loads Reduced inertia Simplify installation Increase bearing life Reduce vibration
Corrosion resistance Chemical attack resistance Extend ser vice life Reduce maintenance Increase safetyAchieve low cost of ownership
Low coefficient of thermal expansion Dimensional stability Reduce vibrationReduce stressesIncrease operating range
Continuous fiber composite spacer flange Infinite fatigue life Achieve low cost of ownership
Unitized flex element Elimination of fretting infinite fatigue life simplified installation Achieve low cost of ownership Prolong ser vice life Reduce maintenance Increase safety
High-misalignment capacity Reduced equipment stressIncreased life Make installation easierReduce ownership costs
High strength to weight ratio Increased stiffnessHigher critical speed Eliminate harmonicsEliminate steady bearings

This driveshaft is assembled with 316 stainless steel hardware and hubs.
The Max HP at a 2.0 Service Factor is 500 at 1,800 RPM and 425 at 1,500 RPM
The max DBSE (in.) is 193 at 1,800 RPM and 215 at 1,500 RPM.

Addax drive shaft composite couplings models available:

Addax Available Models

See the Product Literature Tab for catalog containing full specifications.

Addax Composite Couplings Catalog

Product description

The Rexnord Addax Composite Cooling Tower Coupling delivers the best value for the cooling tower industry by providing excellent features such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • High-misalignment capacity
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Low weight

Low Weight Means Easy Installation

The advanced composite, full-floating center section of Rexnord Addax Composite Couplings weigh less than 25% of a comparable steel spacer. In fact, most of these couplings weigh less than 100 (45.36 kg) pounds, which can often eliminate the need for special lifting equipment and simplify handling and installation.

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