Tech Articles

Fill Assembly Glued -vs- Mechanical

For projects which require ocean freight or shipment of large quantities of fill, a very important question of traditional vs. mechanical assembly techniques is raised. Traditional assembly required a glue weld bond which is easier done in factory than in the field. MEK and Toluene combined with CPVC powder is required to effect the bond.  These chemicals are highly volatile. Newer technology allows mechanical assembly of fill materials.

ICS Completes 40 Day Outage At Palinpinon Geothermal On Time

ICS successfully completed the Palinpinon Unit 1 total turnkey demolition and rebuild project in 40 days at Energy Development Corporation’s (EDC) Palinpinon Site in December 2011. The project was completed under a very tight time schedule with and successfully turned over to EDC 2 days early and is operating at full capacity now.     ICS’s scope was total turnkey demolition of the existing Marley wood crossflow tower and replacement with a new ICS FRP crossflow cooling tower within the existing basin. ICS’s cooling tower provided a thermal design over the previous Marley design. ICS is proud to be part of EDC’s renewal program and a partner in their success of providing reliable power sources to the Philippines islands. For further information, contact ICS.