Brentwood, CE Shepherd Tower Components and others. Film and splash fill for counterflow and crossflow towers shipping from the USA, Asia and Europe.

  • Film Fill

    Film Fill

  • Splash Fill

    Splash Fill

  • Hybrid Fill

    Hybrid Fill

  • Brentwood AccuPac CF1900 Cross-Fluted Film Fill

  • Brentwood Accupac HTP25 Modular Splash Fill

  • Brentwood AccuPac OF21MA Offset-Fluted Low-Fouling Film Fill

  • Brentwood AccuPac VF-19 PLUS Vertical-Fluted Anti-Fouling Film Fill

  • Brentwood Kelly Bar Splash Fill

  • Brentwood TurboSplash Modular Splash Fill

  • C.E. Sheperd CES-190 Film Fill

  • C.E. Shepherd V-Bar Splash Fill

  • Cooling Tower Hybrid Fill

  • Glue Assembly Fill

  • High Efficiency Fill

  • Low Fouling Fill

  • Mech. Assembly Fill

  • Offset Flute Fill

  • Site Assembly

  • Splash Fill

  • Tower Components Opti-Bar Splash Fill

  • Tower Components Opti-Grid Splash Fill