GE 2300 General Purpose Equipment Monitor (2-channel)

The 2300 General Purpose Equipment Monitor provides cost-effective vibration monitoring and protection capabilities for non-critical machinery. It is specifically designed to provide continuous monitoring and protection for Balance of Plant equipment. With the 2300/20, owners and operators can practice condition-based maintenance of their assets in a wide range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing, Mining, Cement and others.

The features of the 2-Channel 2300 include:

• Continuous vibration monitoring and protection on a next generation platform, suitable for BOP applications
• Robust, compact, self-contained device delivering vibration monitoring and high vibration level alarming
• BNMC (Bently Nevada Monitor Configuration) device configuration and display software
• Two acceleration inputs with parallel sampling and speed channel synchronization
• Two protection relays
• Two protection relay outputs with configurable set points
• One dedicated speed/KPH input (Proximitor, Proximitor Switch or Magnetic Pickup)
• Local monitor status LEDs and display showing overall values & speed
• Convenient local and remote reset for alarms and relays
• Local configuration lockout and remote configuration lock (two reserved contacts)
• Three 1:1 buffered transducer outputs (including speed signal) with short circuit and EMI protection, via BNC connectors
• 24VDC and optional 240/110V DIN rail mounted power supplies
• Ethernet connectivity with Modbus functionality (optional)
• 127 x 127 x 76 mm (5x5x3 in) device size
• Mounting with din rail mount, and the same footprint as the 1900/25 and 1900/27
• Includes two channels of seismic measurement inputs from various accelerometer types, a speed input channel for time-synchronous measurements outputs for relay contacts, 4-20 mA*, SPA*, and Modbus/TCP outputs*
• Easily configured with GE’s Bently Nevada Monitor Configuration software (BNMC)

The 2300 Monitors feature two seismic channels and a speed channel , providing continuous monitoring and protection for BOP (Balance of plant) equipment . It is a perfect match for proactively managing your assets , rather than waiting until production outages to replace equipment .

The 2300 series monitors enable condition based monitoring and protection with support for various interfaces and functions. Inputs include seismic and speed transducers, and outputs include relays , buffered output , TCP/IP Ethernet, and an LCD display. This monitor is available in 2 versions. The 2300/2 which has 2 4 – 20 mA output, and the 2300/25, which supports the Trendmaster SPA line interface.

The 2300/20 Monitor can be used to replace legacy Bently Nevada monitors such as the 1900/27 but more importantly is a full featured monitor for use monitoring and protecting assets such as motors, pumps , fans and so on. The monitor is software configurable, and includes software to display the overall values on a PC. There is also an integrated LCD and multiple LEDs to show the channels’ real- time data and status locally . Effective plant asset management, and particularly effective fleet management of machinery assets often depends on remote access using condition monitoring software such as System1.

See Datasheet

GE 2300 Equipment Monitor Datasheet