IMI Mechanical Vibration Switch 685A09

Mechanical vibration switch with Patent Pending linear adjust, 0 to 7 G’s pk, 0 to 100 Hz

Measurement Range: 7 g pk (68.7 m/s² pk)

Cable Input: 3/4-14 NPT

Relay: 3A Form C 480 VAC

Patent Pending linear adjust design innovation provides better control over trip sensitivity.

  • Economical protection for critical machinery
  • Outperforms traditional mechanical
  • vibration switches
  • Linear trip adjustment (~1/4 turn per g)
  • Better sensitivity repeatability on reset
  • DPDT relay, 15 amp dry contacts
  • 120, 240 VAC or 24 VDC remote reset models available

The new patent pending design innovation provides superior control over trip sensitivity than any other mechanical vibration switch in the industry.

IMI Sensors the leader in industrial sensing technology has developed a new innovative design (patent pending) mechanical vibration switch solution. The 685A Series Linear Adjustable Vibration Switch encompasses a unique design that provides improved sensitivity adjustment compared to current designs within the industry. The end result allows the user superior control of the trip level set within the switch and improving the protection of their rotating asset (reference sensitivity testing below).


    Measurement Range 7 g pk 68.7 m/s² pk
    Frequency Range 0 to 6000 cpm 0 to 100 Hz
    Relay 3A Form C 480 VAC 3A Form C 480 VAC
    Relay(Contacts) (DPDT) Normally Open / Closed Normally Open / Closed
Control Interface
    Reset Function Momentary Pushbutton Switch Momentary Pushbutton Switch
    Temperature Range (Operating) -13 to 140 °F -25 to 60 °C
    Enclosure Rating IP66 IP66
    Size – Width 4.35 in 110.5 mm
    Size – Height 3.30 in 83.8 mm
    Size – Depth 4.35 in 110.5 mm
    Weight 2.5 lb 1132 gm
    Sensing Element Magnet Magnet
    Housing Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
    Electrical Connector Screw Terminals Screw Terminals
    Screw Terminal Wire Size 24-14 AWG 0.2 – 2.5 mm²
    Cable Input 3/4-14 NPT 3/4-14 NPT
    Mounting Hole Size 0.25 in 6.4 mm
    Sensing Geometry Inertial Element Inertial Element

IMI 685A09 Manual