IMI 4-20 mA Output Velocity Sensor 640B09

Model: 640B09

4-20 mA Output Velocity Sensor

  • Imbedded Piezoelectric Accelerometer for improved accuracy and frequency response.
  • Vibration range can be in Acceleration or Velocity.
  • Allows for continuous vibration monitoring of critical applications.
  • Reduces sophisticated vibration analysis requirements.
  • RV (Raw Vibration) option for conducting frequency analysis and machinery diagnostics.
  • RVVO (Raw Vibration Velocity Output) option for conducing freq. analysis and machinery diagnosis.
  • TO (Temperature Output) option via an independent 4-20mA loop.
  • Readily interfaces to existing process control and predictive maintenance equipment.
  • Rugged stainless steel construction for applications in harsh environments.
  • Flexible design allows for various custom requirements.

The Model 640 B Series Industrial 4-20 mA Sensors combine the capabilities of a piezoelectric vibration sensor and a 4-20mA vibration transmitter. The sensor outputs a 4-20mA signal that is proportional to the overall velocity or acceleration of the machinery. Ideal for monitoring the vibration of process equipment such as fans, motors and pumps, the output of the sensor is used for process control or predicative maintenance. There are many options in this series. Please call for details.

    Measurement Range 0.0 to 2 in/sec pk 0.0 to 50.8 mm/s pk [3]
    Output 4-20 mA 4-20 mA
    Frequency Range (±10 %) 180 to 60000 cpm 3 to 1000 Hz [1][2]
    Broadband Resolution 0.01 in/sec pk 0.26 mm/s pk [4]
    Non-Linearity ±1 % ±1 %
    Temperature Range -40 to 185 °F -40 to 85 °C
    Excitation Voltage 12 to 30 VDC 12 to 30 VDC
    Settling Time (within 2% of value) <15 sec <15 sec
    Electrical Isolation (Case) >100000000 Ohm >100000000 Ohm
    Size – Hex 1.0 in 25.4 mm
    Size – Height 2.6 in 66 mm
    Weight 4.7 oz 131 gm
    Mounting Thread 1/4-28 UNF No Metric Equivalent
    Mounting Torque 3 to 5 ft-lb 4 to 7 Nm
    Sensing Element Ceramic Ceramic
    Sensing Geometry Shear Shear
    Housing Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
    Sealing Welded Hermetic Welded Hermetic
    Electrical Connector 2-Pin MIL-C-5015 2-Pin MIL-C-5015
    Electrical Connection Position Top Top
    Electrical Connections (Pin A) 4-20 mA Pos (+) 4-20 mA Pos (+)
    Electrical Connections (Pin B) 4-20 mA Neg (-) 4-20 mA Neg (-)

IMI 640B09 Manual